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Black Lives Matter

We hope everyone is safe and able to find moments of peace and solace during this extremely unprecedented time. In light of current events, we have decided to reach out in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

We are heartbroken and disturbed by the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Nina Pop, George Floyd, Tony McDade, and too many others to name. The recent death of George Floyd has once again exposed the rampant racial prejudice and social inequity in America. The violence perpetrated by those who swore to preserve and protect the civil liberties of American citizens, and the injustices faced by the Black community and other marginalized peoples continue to plague our society.

We must stand together in solidarity to dismantle a history of institutional racism and rid our country of hate and prejudice. To be silent is an injustice and only serves to perpetuate the hardship experienced by minorities. It is our responsibility to work towards an improved and equitable future without inherent bias and racial prejudice.

Fight for justice. Fight for peace. Fight for equality. Fight for change.

We stand together,

The Doorstep Donations Team

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