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Doorstep Donations Partners with Rezdora

Doorstep Donations utilizes the businesses and programs that already exist today to better our community. We have partnered with the critically acclaimed New York Times three-star Manhattan based restaurant, Rezdora.

You can take a night off of cooking, have a delicious dinner, and support Doorstep Donations all at once! The restaurant has recently begun a delivery service to the Hamptons, offered on Thursday afternoons. For each order delivered in the Hamptons, Rezdora will donate five percent of the bill to Doorstep Donations. By donating, you will be helping a local Manhattan business and feeding a family through Doorstep Donations, all while taking a night off of cooking!

Rezdora is one of the first businesses to partner with Doorstep Donations Ventures. Though Doorstep Donations receives funding from generous donors, having other options is equally as important. If you want to order from Rezdora and help your Hamptons community, tap here:

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