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More Help is Needed! + Expansion!

Hi everyone, 

We hope all is well and everyone is safe. As most of you know, we have created a non-profit called Doorstep Donations. Doorstep Donations seeks to support those in our community who have become financially insecure due to the Coronavirus. Our service makes supporting our community easy and ensures the safety of our donors by maintaining social distancing. We have a few updates that we are very excited to share with you all.


Doorstep Donations is thrilled to announce that our services are now available in Port Washington, NY, and Scarsdale, NY! We thank you for your help and support. You have enabled us to successfully expand our services and serve our community wherever it may be. Doorstep Donations also plans to expand into Manhattan! We have been communicating with the BASIS school in Manhattan and hope to add them to our list of partners. 


Doorstep Donations is excited to share that we have filed to become a Non-For-Profit corporation. In an attempt to legitimize Doorstep Donations, we have made the decision to legally declare ourselves as a Non-For-Profit corporation. 


Doorstep Donations has a completely revamped website! We are excited to announce that our website is now available on your mobile device! We are also overjoyed to release our brand new user interface which allows for easier navigation. We’ve created a blog section where we will post live updates about Doorstep Donations and new sections for each of our different locations. 


Doorstep Donations is on the News! Special thanks to Stacey Spencer for creating a short story about us on LTV! You can check out the interview on our Instagram @DoorstepDonations

* * *

We have now accumulated over eight thousand dollars in donations and completed over 20 pick-ups. You have successfully given more than 500 meals to people in need! The men, women, and children who you have helped to feed are deeply grateful. 

If you have any ideas as to how you can help Doorstep Donations, don’t hesitate to email us. We want all the help we can get and are open to all of your suggestions.

* * *

PLEASE SHARE Doorstep Donations with other people to help support the families of our Hamptons, Port Washington, and Scarsdale communities. These families still need your help. Every delivery feeds each family for only one week so we need all of the help we can get.

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