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The School Program

Doorstep Donations' School Program empowers students to make a difference in their communities.  

Our Mission

Doorstep Donations works with students to support food-insecure individuals. We make community service meaningful and impactful.
We provide students with the opportunity to spearhead and direct an initiative at their school.

We want to share our program with your school, and together, 

feed as many people as possible.

Our Program Offers



Doorstep Donations offers a unique leadership position to committed students. Students learn how to organize and run a service program at their schools. This work develops their leadership skills.  



Our program offers everything your school and students need to run the recurring donation service. Our team makes sure that the program is successful at each of our participating schools.



Students become accountable to each other, to their food pantries, and to their community. Our team has monthly check-ins with students to make sure that they are on the right track.

Student Benefits

Through their initiative, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of food insecurity, as well as their impact on their community. They will acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as provide a service to those who need it most. 


The realization that everyone is capable of helping is just as powerful as the service itself.

Student Impact

Students have the ability to give thousands of pounds of food to their community. With just 50 donors, students will give more than 2.5 tons of food per year. The potential is unlimited. 

Let's meet

We would love to tell you more about the program. Please schedule a meeting with us below. 

Contact us

Have any questions about our service and how it can benefit your school? Click the button below and send us a message.
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