Subscription Program

The Subscription Program enables contributors to easily donate supplies multiple times.

*This service is currently only available in The Hamptons



We will pick up your donation between 4pm and 7pm on Saturdays.


3 Steps to Donate



Click on the button below to sign up for a subscription plan. We will send you a confirmation email. A tote bag will then be delivered to your doorstep; this will be used to store your donation until pick-up. 

Gather Food

Gather food in the bags we have provided for you during your subscription period. View our What We Accept Page to see what you can donate. 



Help Others

Leave your full Doorstep Donation bag in a safe and convenient location. At the agreed-upon time, simply leave your donation in the specified place and we will pick it up. We will then give you another bag to be filled during the next subscription period. 

The Details

The Doorstep Donations Subscription Program enables donors to easily give food and supplies to those in need each week. To join the program simply choose a subscription package. You can customize the subscription to either donate every week or every two weeks. Shortly after you sign up, we will deliver a Doorstep Donations bag to your door. This bag will be used to house the food and supplies that you collect for Doorstep Donations (view our guidelines to see what you can donate). On the final day of your term, a Doorstep Donations volunteer will pick up your food-filled bag and replace it with a new empty bag that can be filled during your next subscription term. This process will continue until your subscription is terminated.



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