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We want to give you the tools to make a real and lasting impact on your community

What We Do

Doorstep Donations works with you to feed food-insecure individuals. We make community service meaningful and impactful.

Helping has never been easier. Through our easy service model, you can feed hundreds of families. 

It's Easy


1. Find Donors

Text a few friends and family members to contribute to the program. They only have to give one bag of food every two months.


2. Fill the Bags

We're going to send Doorstep Donations bags to your home. Over the course of two months, donors will fill the Doorstep Donations bags you previously gave them.


3. Drop Off

At the end of the two months, pick up the bags from your donors, and deliver them to our partnered pantry. It's super easy. 

You NEVER give any money and we find the pantry for you.

Conact Us
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