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Doorstep Donations

Headmasters and teachers, Doorstep Donations empowers students to make a tangible impact in their communities.

How it works:

The Doorstep Donations bag program enables donors to sign up and receive a Doorstep Donations reusable grocery bag. Every 2 months your students, the Community Directors, will pick up the bags of nonperishables. The directors will replace the bags and deliver them to your Community Partners. 

Your role:

 Choose a few students who show interest in the program to become Community Leaders. Assign a faculty advisor and put us in contact with the students. We'll take it from there.

Help your students thrive

Give your students a unique leadership opportunity, packed with real-life experiences, and coupled with realized outcomes. Enable your students to connect to their community.

Let's meet

Set up a short meeting and we'll give you the rundown. 

Contact us

Have any questions about our service and how it can benefit your school? Click the button below and send us a message.
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