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The First Donations Were Delivered!

We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. As some of you know, we have started a service called Doorstep Donations which strives to support those in The Hamptons community who are financially affected by the coronavirus. Our service makes supporting our community easy and guarantees the safety of our donors by maintaining social distancing.

Doorstep Donations has successfully completed 17 pick-ups and has accumulated, along with our partner VANY Church, over $7,000 in cash donations. We would say that this week was a success! However, there is still so much to be done. The food and necessities that have been collected thus far have been sorted and delivered to 14 families in our community. Unfortunately, the food delivered will only last each family one week. Among the families that have been delivered to, one consisted of 8 children. The people who need our help are hard-working individuals who simply cannot find the financial means to feed their families. We need your donations to ensure that these families are able to support themselves for more than just one week.

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